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Speech & Debate

Tournament Materials

This is the forum where you can get info on materials to bring to tournaments. 

What to Bring?


1. Flow Paper (blank paper)


2. 2 Different Colored Pens 


3. Speech Scripts/Debate Cases


4. Food & Water


5. Laptop/Phone 


6. $10 - $20 




Tournament Attire: Formal 


Female - Pencil Skirt, Solid Colored Dress, or Pant Suit 


Males - Blazer, Buttoned shirt, Formal Trousers, Black socks, Dress shoes, Ties/Bowtie




Judging Info: 


1. You can wear casual, no need to dress up as the competitors. 


2. It is advised to bring a notebook/paper with 2 different colored pens. 


3. Bring plenty of food & water


4. Have Fun!





Tounament Procedures: